Returns and Exchanges

To return or exchange an item, visit your Orders page. If returns / exchanges are permitted for your items, click "Return or Exchange" on the order you would like to return.

If the link is unavailable, contact Trady Customer Service at [email protected]

Returns must be approved by the seller and a descriptive reason for return will help the seller process your return or exchange request.

Specify a reason for your return or exchange and click Send Request. If exchanges are unavailable, you will not be able to select a replacement item.

If your request is approved by the seller, a confirmation and return address will be sent to your account email address.

Ensure your items are securely packaged and in their original condition before returning. Return shipping labels may incur a charge depending on the seller’s policy.

If your request is rejected by the seller, a reason will be sent to your account email address. If you are unable to resolve a dispute, contact Trady Customer Support.